It’s not good enough to be good. To survive and thrive in today’s economy, you HAVE to be remarkable. So what does it mean to be remarkable? 
In short, it means that you, your company, your products, or your ideas are “worth making a remark about”. 
If people aren’t organically talking about you, it’s a race to the bottom. With ongoing advances in technology and fueled by the ever increasing presence of the internet, we have been inundated with content! There’s no doubt that today’s generation has been exposed to more advertising than any previous generation that has lived on earth. As such, the people you are trying to reach are affected by tolerance. In medical terms, when a patient builds up a tolerance to a drug, a higher dose is required to achieve the same effect. The exact same thing is happening and will continue to happen when trying to reach your audience. 
So how do companies up the dose? Increased budgets and increased ad spend. However, throwing more money at the problem is rarely the solution and will eventually result in total failure. Instead, you need to re-think the way you approach customer and audience outreach.


That’s where we come in. We are the best when it comes to developing remarkable ideas and helping companies innovate from within. Instead of creating a good or great product and then spending millions to force people to see it, we can help people talk about YOU. This allows your customers to do your marketing for you and is the only way to increase customer loyalty and retention.
With over a decade of developing remarkable ideas, strategies, and content for global brands, our team has a deep understanding surrounding the psychology of what drives people to share and we are excited to help you go viral. 


Consulting Virality began when Founder Cameron Manwaring began focusing on increasing his understanding of what makes something go viral. In 2015 he was awarded by Forbes 30 Under 30 for his contributions in Marketing and Advertising and has since developed successful ideation strategies for an array of notable global brands. 
 The team at Consulting Virality has executed over 150 separate ideation strategies with a total of over 3 billion views, millions of shares, over 60,000 organic articles, and have generated hundreds of millions in sales for global brands. They organized the organic marketing efforts for “Kobe vs. Messi: Selfie Shootout”, which was named “Ad of the Decade”. They also led the ideation, production, and guerilla marketing efforts for “Ronaldo in Disguise” which became the fastest growing campaign in 24 hours to ever be launched by a brand on Facebook. 
 Since 2015, the company has refocused their efforts and abilities from only digital virality to also include social virality, and helping global brands increase customer loyalty through organic sharing and remarkable ideation. They continue to execute ideation efforts for organizations, brands, and strategic projects across the United States, Qatar, Norway, Abu Dhabi, KSA, India, and Dubai.